**Scholarships available for individuals suffering financial hardships

 Guided Meditations (30 min session)

 Donation based meditation

 Introduction to the meditation(ex: Loving Kindness Meditation, Breath Awareness,etc.), I will lead you in a 15-20 min. guided meditation.  Each class will start/end on time to respect others' schedule.

 Private Meditation Sessions(60 mins)

 Instruction, coaching and support to meet your needs.            

1 person:$35/hour     2-3 people: $65 hour

 Private Meditation & Mindfulness Classes(60 mins each session)

Each week is centered around a theme in which you'll learn meditation & mindfulness practices to help you fully embody the lesson.

 2 week Class (2 sessions)/ 1 person: $70    2-3 people: $130

 4 week Class (4 sessions)/ 1 person: $140 2-3 people:$260

 8 week Class (8 sessions)/ 1 person: $280  2-3 people: $520

Community Classes

This is a wonderful opportunity to take a beginning meditation & mindfulness class in a comfortable and inviting environment where you will learn and be supported by a small group of individuals all discovering the amazing benefits of meditation together.


2 Week Meditation & Mindfulness Class:(2 sessions/90 min each session)

 $50 per person

 4 week Meditation & Mindfulness Class: (4 sessions/90 min each session)

$100 per person

Seed Meditation (1 session/3 hours)

Learn the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation method by Sarah Mclean.

$100 per person(community class)

$125 per person (private session)

Workplace Wellness

Session based on needs/wants of business​. Prices vary

Explore a stimulating program with mindfulness and meditation practices designed to support your employee's health and well-being.