Daily mediation and mindfulness practices have help Billie reduce stress and rejuvenate her mind and body. Other benefits also include: internal peace and self-love, gratitude for life, more compassion and an enhanced feeling of interconnectedness.

Testimony of the Power of meditation

Billie's husband became ill in 2015 with "complex regional pain syndrome" which is a malfunction of the nervous system. With limited treatment and options to cope with a chronic pain syndrome that impeded his everyday functioning, he became very frustrated and willing to try anything to stop his constant state of pain. Now meditation is part of his everyday pain management routine in order to reduce physical pain and suffering and to live in the present moment.

Billie struggled with stress and anxiety most of her life. She always felt that there was something missing in her life. Through self-discovery, studying under Sarah Mclean (McLean Meditation Institute) and writing her master's research paper on "Reducing Stress and Anxiety through Mindfulness Meditaion," she was forever changed and convinced on the benefits and power of meditation and the latest research on the brain. 

​​​In 2016, Billie Harris became a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor from Mclean Meditation Institute. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Special Education and a Master's degree in Education with the focus of Teaching Learning & Leadership.



About Billie

​Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor