​Benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices


What is Mindfulness?

Paying attention in a particular way:

*on purpose

*In the present moment

*Non-judgmental, focused & kind attention

      A practice of bringing your attention

   into the present moment & activity. 



* Changes the physical structure & composition of your brain

*Increases activity in the areas associated with "positive" emotions (empathy, compassion, happiness)

Meditation refers to the many modern and ancient techniques and practices that can settle the nervous system and train the brain to be more focused, engaged, and less reactive.

Why should I meditate?

What is Meditation?


*Helps you remain calm,serene and peaceful

*Increases self-awareness, self-compassion, self-confidence

*Heightens social awareness and empathy

*Improves emotional and mental engagement

Decreases nervousness, fear and anxiety

Billie Harris

​​​Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

*Improve physical/mental well-being

*Reduce stress and anxiety

*Pain management
*Recover after trauma or tragedy
*Seeking happiness and inner peace
*Feel calmer, relaxed, centered, more balanced
*Stress reduction and prevention


*Improves focus

*Reduces mental reactivity and distraction

*Reduces habitual thinking, creates new habits

*Increases memory

*Increases intelligence and creativity


*Reduces stress and anxiety

*Reduces chronic pain

*Optimizes the immune system

*Improves sleep

*Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol